Which university to choose – NYU or Columbia?

It is widely known that New York City is one of the most important centers of the higher education in the whole world. It has more than 100 colleges and universities! New York University and Columbia University are probably the 2 most prominent of them. They are proud of their famous and talented graduates: from writers (Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg), to politicians (Barack Obama), musicians (Lauran Hill) and successful businessmen (Warren Buffet).

Columbia University is one of the most prestigious and selective educational establishments in the United States. It is a member of the Ivy League. Columbia is the oldest college in the state of New York, which is organized into twenty schools. It is the home to many co-educational Greek organizations, sororities, and fraternities. New York University can offer its students an extremely dynamic environment for culture, music, and arts. You should remember that the admission to these world-renowned universities is quite competitive. But if you are a straight A student, you will definitely make your headway. So, it is high time for you to choose, which university is more suitable for you.

What is special about the location?

New York University is situated in the middle of social and cultural heart of the city. This area is one of the most culturally dynamic in the whole world. Students can have a rest at various cafes, bars, and restaurants. Greenwich Village is the main university`s base. Moreover, it has six different locations in Manhattan, with a satellite campus in Abu Dhabi.

Columbia University is situated in Upper Manhattan, not far from Hudson River and Central Park, where students can have a picturesque respite. This area is like the calm island in the middle of the New York`s bustling urban jungle.

The position in the QS World University Rankings 2016-2017

Columbia University is ranked 20th in the world, 12th in the world by academics, 21st by employers, and 89th for percentage of the international students. New York University is ranked joint 46th in the world, 35th in the world by academics, 36th by employers, and 137th for percentage of the international students. These top universities produce some of the most employable alumni all over the world.

Student Community

Both universities offer diverse and large student communities. However, New York University has larger student population, than Columbia University. Columbia has approximately 30, 300 students, while NYU has approximately 57, 245 students. But, speaking about the quantity of the international students, then NYU has 25% of total and Columbia University has 32%.

Top disciplines

Both universities` highest places are for humanities, arts, and social sciences (law and economics). Columbia is best-established in marine sciences, English language and literature, history, Earth, and physics. NYU is famous for its strong positions in philosophy, mathematics, dentistry, law, and performing arts.

Funding and fees

These universities are both notoriously expensive for the international students, as well as for the citizens of the United States. Annual undergraduate tuition is US$ 49,610 at Columbia University and US$ 46, 639-49, 610 at NY University. Master`s programs start around $50,000-52,000 per year at both universities. At both universities, the majority of the students can benefit from some loans, financial assistance or scholarship. Moreover, each university has the special ‘net price calculator’ on its website. Students can easily calculate how much money they should pay and what financial aid they can get.