Recommended Philosophy Books

Philosophy is the wisdom and profound consideration of the questions and issues concerning the human existence and life. Philosophy may seem something too far from your everyday realities, but anyhow, we deal with the philosophy every day, since it has not only the theoretical constituent in treatises and texts. Philosophy has also a practical application, which can be revealed in the routine life situations solving. To cope with the issues in regard to personal relations, professional interaction and favorable life conditions pursuit, one should be wise, thoughtful and tolerant, which to some extend means being philosophic.

Is it possible that all those complicated and explicate books with the philosophic theories and consideration can help in our usual life circumstances? We are more accustomed to read books in psychology, which are written in more comprehensible manner, and try to find the answers or some tips there. Very often you can face with the abstruse essay or treatise in philosophy and decide that this has no use in regard to application to your everyday life. Thus, philosophic works are not so transparent and often require sophisticated thinking. However, we selected the books for you, which you will definitely like to read, comprehend and hopefully apply as a manual for your life cases.

Marcus Aurelius “Meditations”

This book embodies practical philosophy and is quite readable. It is written in a special manner and form of thoughts and considerations of the one of the world’s outstanding men. Marcus Aurelius spent a lot of time training the stoic philosophy and exercising in being more patient, strong in the face in spite of the issue, he deals with, etc. In his “Meditations” Marcus Aurelius gives a lot of good and functional advices, described on his experience. All the statements and phrases from the book are very useful and applicable for your everyday situations.

Publius Sirius “Moral Sayings”

The author provides the brilliant wisdom in his sayings. This book is really interesting to read, challengeable to consider and useful to apply for your everyday troubles and concerns. “Moral Sayings” is the table-book of many successful, nimble witted and happy people, who confidently go forward their life circumstances with their head held high.

Montaigne “Essays”

Montaigne tries to sort out different questions concerning human being within his essays. Each essay is a particular situation devoted to the range of the serious questions, which are raised for consideration. Montaigne spent almost the half of his life writing this work and brought up a lot of different issues, often even provocative.

Ralph Waldo Emerson “Nature and Selected Essays”

While reading the above mentioned books, you are motivated to thinking, consideration and mind activities. Thus, the “Nature and Selected Essays” is the book, which will make you acting. Here you will be reminded that your life is in your hands and you are responsible for choices, which you make. Ralph Waldo Emerson’s “Nature and Selected Essays” will motivate you to use your potential to the maximum extent possible and reminds to enjoy the beauty of the nature. You definitely should read this book, since it will bring you a lot of new impressions and hit upon a lot of superb ideas.

Seneca “Letters from a Stoic”

Seneca was powerful and outstanding man in Rome, who is also famous by his written works. He wrote his books in the form of advices to his friends. The works, which survived, are written in the form of letters, which teach us to cope with different life cases, such as different failures, poverty, wealth, education, grief and many other things.

So these books are worth your attention, they faced a long history and were written so long ago, but just imagine what power and wisdom they bring us through the generations and time.