How to write an interesting book review

Writing any type of reviews is complicated task, it takes a lot of time, work and, no doubts, talent. There are a wide range of things you can write about, e.g. technologies, style, art, films, reality shows; but now we want to focus on a book review. Here we present several helpful tips for everyone.

1. Find out what you are writing for. It’s the first and a fundamental step to your successful book review. Ask yourself, are interested in this book or not? Does the book touch your heart? What were your first emotions? Can you talk about the book easily and passionately? Is the book a world bestseller or written by a beginner? What readers is the book written for? Tell us about your answers.

2. Create spectacular beginning. It’s an extremely important point, as this part of review catches readers’ eye. Even if you are not very fond of what you create and the piece of your writing can hardly be called amazing, such cunning method will work.

3. Don’t confuse a book review with a press release. It may sound strange, but some people think that these two things are almost the same. Surely, they something in common, but the main aim and ways used to achieve it are completely different. Use some points from the press release isn’t the best idea!

4. Show your point of view. A great perspective is a compulsory element of the wonderful book review. In that case the review is shown as more valuable and trustworthy for the audience. In most situations readers don’t know who is the author, what values and life philosophy he or she shares. Nowadays the biggest part of people accesses the information through the Internet, and they also may find your review by means of Google, Bing and other search. Introduce yourself and show your background.

5. Pay attention to book features readers are usually interested in. You shouldn’t fill your book review with all possible information. For modern human it is easier than ever to search general information, e.g. about the author, literary style and so on. Filter it and include only the most important facts, tell about your own experience of reading or some shocking facts about the book.

6. Describe what place the book may take in readers’ lives. You shouldn’t focus only on positive and negative points of the book, or only describe your impressions of the reading. Instead of doing such things, try to decide what group of people may find the book the most interesting, useful or even helpful. Clarify what is a particular audience, e.g. teenagers, young moms, housewives, students, depressed people and so on.

7. Look at your book review as creative writing. Turn on your imagination and recall creative writing tricks from college years. It’s high time you made your piece of work more colorful and tasty. Use metaphors, epithets, similes and other tropes. Don’t be afraid of adding special and extraordinary taste, after that reading of your book review will delight your readers.

8. Show your personal style. The best reviews are full of author’s personality. It means you should include your own humor, intriguing remarks, give as many as possible original content. Otherwise, you won’t success in the book review writing.

9. If you don’t like something say it! It is normal for the book review to talk about points, which you don’t like. Be honest with yourself and with your readers, feel free and share your opinion as it is. If you would like to change something in the book write about it. Maybe, some of your readers also feel the same.