Best applications for making a presentation

It’s almost impossible to imagine modern life without presentations. Teachers use them on the lessons; lecturers create them for their lections at university or for public lections. Any speaker prefers to have the presentation in order to provide more powerful speech. Nowadays there are two leaders – PowerPoint by Microsoft and Keynote by Apple. No doubts, they dominate, but they are not unique. There are a lot of alternatives that may be found even more comfortable for usage, thanks to their simpler design. In general people use several criteria for choosing the best app for themselves. They usually think about how much time it takes to make the presentation and the design – the simpler the better, because many people find PowerPoint too complicated. If the alternative app has some additional features, it is also a positive factor. Fee for the apps is extremely important too. We prepared a compilation of both apps for free and apps to be paid.

Google Slides is a brilliant presentation product, which combines a program for making presentations with a cloud technology in one thing. As a part of Google Docs, it is simple in using; you take a previously made theme for slides and then fill your presentation with necessary information. By means of Google account you can edit a Google Slides presentation in real time, make a group project and chat with other members of your team. This app is free, and if you need some extra storage you can buy it.

Slides is the app for those, who want to personalize their slide themes. You can create your own style with various colours, fronts, smooth transitions and shapes. The main benefit of Slides is an interface and a great design. All tools you need are shown in a sidebar; as a result you won’t get lost in a menu. Designers and web developers will find this app very cool. It is free for public presentations, and prices for Pro plan and Team plan are from 6 and 12 dollars.

Prezi is a completely new look at the presentation. It mixes the traditional demonstration of information with animations. Then you get dynamic and spectacular presentation that, no doubts, will make anybody interested in the topic. You choose the theme, which you think is the most appropriate, after that you fill frames with the content. These frames are designed according to your choice of the theme, and they may be animated. Prezi is also free, on the condition, you create public presentation. For “advanced” plans you will have to pay.

One more excellent tool is Swipe. It gives an opportunity to create the presentation without any trouble. Main working principle is pretty clear and understandable. You should drag and drop necessary elements that you need to be included. The next step is to add and format the text and decide on the colour of the background. Besides, you can present the result of your work online and let other people follow you in real time. You may say that there is nothing marvellous in it, but you don’t know about one special point. Swipe has an option to include surveys in your slides, that’s why you will find the app very helpful. Moreover, Swipe is completely free.

Slidebean is a perfect solution for people who are not found the process of formatting very exciting. You have to select photos, video, other illustrations and the text for the slideshow. Then choose the theme and wait a little bit. The app will combine everything, format it and the ready result. At that time you can do something different, for example, write assignments. You can correct some points if you want, and finally download the presentation or share it in the Internet. In general Slidebean is free, but private presentations and presentations for downloading provide monthly payment for 5-6 dollars.