5 Convincing Arguments to Study in Canada in 2017

A number of young people, who want to receive education at the Canadian universities increases all the time. We can observe a lot of advertisements and information about the education in Canada. So, why so many people talk about it? Is this study really the worth thing and what can it give personally to you? Today we want to consider several important facts about the Canadian education and will try to answer the above mentioned questions.

During the last years Canada really has become a nice place for students from different countries. It is caused and supported by the government initiatives. Thus, the Canadian ministry of education emphasizes the increasing of the amount of students from abroad. That is a great fact, since foreign students are welcomed to receive degree in Canada. So meet the 5 convincing arguments that will make you want to study in Canada!

1.Degree in the country with high living standards

It will be nice if you go to the other country and have no reasons to worry about your safety. Thus, Canada is considered to be one of the safest states in the world. Correspondingly to statistics, it has distinctively low crime rate. It is great to receive education in the safe, developed and sustained country. The quality of education, service and life will be correspondent. Referring to Global News, Canada was given the second place in the world in regard to the quality of life. By obtaining degree, you will have an opportunity to find work and to build your life in one of the world’s top countries.

2.Wide-spread usage of English

English is an official language in Canada, along with French. So you can study and communicate in English without any problems. You can receive Bachelor or Master degree in English in various subjects and live in Canada, speaking English and feeling no inconvenience. At the same time you can use the excellent circumstances to start learning French in the environment of native speakers.

3.Leading universities at your disposal

Canada draws attention of the students from the whole world not only by the favorable relations and conditions, but gains its popularity by means of educational quality. Biggest Canadian cities – Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Quebec and Montreal – suggest education in top-ranked educational institutions, which compete for superiority with the best universities of the UK and USA. The enumeration of outstanding higher educational institutions is quite significant and a lot of them occupy top places in the world educational rankings. Thus, among these universities are the following:

  • University of Toronto
  • University of Montreal
  • University of British Columbia
  • McGill University
  • University of Alberta

4.Emphasis on research and discoveries at the universities

One more point to the score of the Canadian education is that it is quite interesting and distinguished by its practical aspect. Students not only write essays or learn their notes; they take part in a great number of researches and different scientific projects. So already at the university students receive the possibility to implement their knowledge, research innovative things and approaches within the modern scientific sphere. Researches, which were held in Canada, gave many world famous discoveries.

5.Perspectives for young people

Canadian authorities have considerable approach and attention to providing education for foreign students. The Ministry of education has worked out educational curriculum with the special attitude. So the Canadian educational plans are established in such a way, that students will be provided with an opportunity to find a job and to stay in the country after graduation. Moreover, they can start their carrier and find temporary side job or serious position already during their Bachelor or Master studies, which is very convenient and gainful for most of students.

So education in Canada is a trustworthy and reliable undertaking, which can become your successful startup on the way of professional achievements.